2023 Regional Representatives Elections 

Are you a Māori grower in the Te Tau Ihu, Te Tai Rāwhiti, or the Rangitaiki region? Don’t miss this opportunity to nominate a regional representative to be part of the Māori Kiwifruit Growers Forum Executive Committee!

In this role, the successful nominee will represent their regions voice on the board. They will update, advocate, and make aware to the board of any issues relating to their region. This position is great to strengthen connections within the industry and learn more about your fellow kiwifruit producing regions.

The Executive Committee is comprised of up to 11 regional representatives who are nominated and elected by their relative region. There is also a New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc (NZKGI) Iwi seat within the board. Māori Kiwifruit Growers Inc rules allow the Executive Committee to elect up to 2 independent representatives.

There are 3 regions up for elections this year including Te Tau Ihu, Te Tai Rāwhiti, and Rangitaiki. Due to Māori Kiwifruit Growers Inc rules, the current representatives, James Wheeler and Alan Haronga are entered into the elections due to their position being past the 3 year period within the board. Kiriwaitingi Rei has a new role starting with Zespri in February 2023 so her seat is also entered for elections.  

There is also a vacancy in the Whakatohea region. 

9th January Nominations Open
23rd January Electoral Role Produced
6th February Nominations Close
7th February MKGI Membership Registrations for Voting Close
1st March Elections

Only registered members with orchards in Te Tau Ihu, Te Tai Rāwhiti, and Rangitaiki are able to participate. Registrations close February 6th 2023. 

To see if you are registered, please contact us on info@maorikiwifruitgrowers.com

Click the links below to fill out the registration forms: