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Annual Plan

Annual Plan | 2022-2024 Priorities for Focus

the following information relates to the strategic goals of the Māori Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated for 2022-2024 and outlines our five main priorities we expect to achieve.

Mana Motuhake - Industry Leadership

Ensuring Māori growers are innovative and adapting to the ever-changing kiwifruit industry

Hononga - Connecting Maori Growers

Utilising effective strategies and resourceful content to create meaningful connections with Māori Growers

Raraunga me te Rangahau - Data & Information

Tailoring our communications with Māori to provide valuable insights and information

Mahi Tahi - Leveraging Collective

Growing, protecting, and sustaining the prosperity of Māori within the kiwifruit industry

Rangatiratanga - Organisational Sustainability

Leading strategies and operations to identify long term growth factors, build knowledge, and upskilling for Maori success

Māori Kiwifruit Growers

Building and growing the Māori Kiwifruit business for current and future generations

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